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[DIS] Special Lecture by the CEO of Sunfull Organization
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한양대 국제학부는 2017 317() 선플재단 이사장인 민병철교수를 모시고 특강을 실시하였다. 미래자동차센터 컨퍼런스홀에서 개최된 이번 특강은 선플재단의 후원으로 실시되었으며 한양대 재단 이사장, 한양대 국제대학원장 및 교수, 국제학부생 및 국제대학원생 약 100명이 참석하여 였다.  “Idea to Reality”주제로 진행된 특강에서는 바람직한 SNS 댓글달기운동, 민병철교수의 교육관과 젊은이들의 나눔정신 등의 주제들이 주로 다뤄졌다. 이번 강의를 통해 인터넷문화에 무방비로 노출된 현실을 직시하고 그로 인한 피해의 심각성을 인식할 수 있는 계기가 되었다.

On March 17th, 2017, the division of international studies at Hanyang University held a special lecture with Professor Min Byung Chul, a chairman of the Sunfull Foundation. This special lecture was held in the Future Automobile Center Conference Hall sponsored by the Sunfull Foundation. About 100 people attended, including the chairman of Hanyang University, the DIS professors, international undergraduates, and international graduate students. Under the topic of “Ideas to Reality”, Professor Min lectured on how he made his ideas in to reality: creating a foundation that encourages positive comments on SNS. The Sunfull Foundation targets to eradicate negative comments on SNS—this idea led to numerous awards by the Korean government. Through this lecture, the DIS students became aware of the seriousness of the damages caused by the Internet’s defenseless culture. Moreover, Professor Min accentuated on the importance of the creativity in the imminent 4th Industrial Revolution and those who are proactive like Professor Min will succeed.

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