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중간고사 부정행위에 대한 공지 지침 (HY Policy Regarding )
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2020학년도 1학기 중간시험 시행에 대한 공지

2020-1학기 중간고사를 시행하는 교과목 중특히 원격으로 시험을 실시하는 교과목에 대해 에브리타임위한 등의 대학생 커뮤니티에서는 학생들 서로 간에 대리시험문제 풀이 공유기타 부정행위 등의 게시글이 올라오고각종 언론에서 이슈화되고 있습니다.

이에 공정한 중간시험 실시를 위해 교무처 학사팀에서는 2020-1학기 부정행위자를 엄격히 단속할 예정이며,2020-1 중간고사 대리시험 및 부정행위 조치 안내」를 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다. 

Notice on Cheating Prevention for the Upcoming Mid-term Exam

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Hanyang University is currently continuing onlice courses for the time being. However, there are fair concerns regarding the mid-term exam, most particularly surrounding the issue of cheating. The university has also acknowledged many cases of cheating, sharing answers and proxying (Taking other student's test in exchange for money) through many online communities. This has been an issue shared among other universities as well, and is well highlighted by recent media articles. 

As to prevent this misdeed, the university has decided to implement harsh penalties to those who have attempted cheating. Students who have been exposed for cheating will automatically recieve a F for the course and will be further penalized by the school disciplinary commitee (View attachment for more details). Moreover, the HY administration office will be sure to keep an eye on all tests during the first semester in order to make sure that the exams are fair and without fault. 



1. 2020-1 중간고사 대리시험 및 부정행위 조치 안내 1.

2. [서식]부정행위사실확인서대리시험·매매사실확인서 각 1

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