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교수별 상세내용
Carl J. Saxer 교수
전화번호 02-2220-2283
이메일 csaxer@hanyang.ac.kr
■ Introduction (소개)
Professor Saxer holds a B.A. and an M.A. from the University of Copenhagen, as well as a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. (2001) in Politics from the University of Oxford. Before coming to Hanyang University in 2008 he was a Post-Doc at Yale University, Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, and a tenured Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School. Professor Saxer has published a monograph with Routledge as well as a number of articles in such international journals as Democratization, Armed Forces & Society, Journal of Comparative Asian Development, Asia Europe Journal, and The Pacific Review. In his research Professor Saxer deals with such issues as the link between domestic and foreign politics, the state of democratic consolidation, regional voting patterns, and the role of middle powers in global governance.

■ Education (학력)
- Ph.D. University of Oxford, 2001, Politics
- M.Sc. University of Oxford, 1999, Politics
- M.A. University of Copenhagen, 1997
- B.A. University of Copenhagen, 1993

■ Recent Publications (최근 논문/저서 2-3개)
- “Capabilities and aspirations: South Korea’s rise as a middle power”, Asia Europe Journal, 11, 4 (2013): 397-413.
- “Democratization, globalization and the linkage of domestic and foreign policy in South Korea”, The Pacific Review, 26, 2 (2013): 1-23.
- “Foreign Direct Investment in Korea's Globalization Experience”, Journal of Comparative Asian Development, 11, 2 (2012): 298-319.