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교수별 상세내용
Joseph D. Schouweiler 교수
전화번호 02-2220-1735
이메일 josephschou8@gmail.com
■ Introduction of yourself
Joseph Schouweiler is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  

■ Education
He received his BA in Political Science from San Jose State University and his MA in Public Administration from California State University, Hayward.  

■ Career
After a short career in business, Mr. Schouweiler began his current profession as an instructor. His previous experience includes teaching ESL at Dongguk University for five years (1996-2001) and ESL at Hanyang from 2001-2003. He began his current position with the GSIS and DIS in March 2005.

■ 연구관심분야
His current research interests include the labor movement in the ROK, the recent emergence of democratic socialism in Latin America, and post-2008 crisis of capitalism in the post-industrial United States.

■ 주요논문
Professor Schouweiler has published approximately a dozen op-ed commentaries for the English language version of the Joongang Daily.

■ 주요저서
“Rising Korean Potential, Declining American Privilege” was co-written with Lee Young-hwan, PhD., Professor of Economics at Dongguk University, 2012, Jiphil Media Co., Ltd, Seoul